Established in 1989, Cape of Good Hope Art Gallery is among the prominent art galleries in Singapore. 

Regular exhibitions, art forums and the cultivation of art collections are our strengths.

The gallery represents a number of outstanding artists, in particular specialising in promoting second-generation Singaporean artist, including 

Ang Hiong Chiok, Carely Ngai , Choy Weng Yang , Chua Ek kay, Chieu Shuey Fook, Eng Siak Loy, Fan Shao Hua , Foo Chee San , Goh Beng Kwan , Koeh Sia Yong , Lee Choon Kee , Leo Hee Tong , Lim Choon Jin , Lim Tze Peng , Lim Yew Kuan , Ling Yang Chang, Low Puay Hua , P.Gnanadickam, Poh Siew Wah, Sim Lian Huat, Tan Choh Tee, Tan Siok Aik, Thang Kiang How from Singapore. Khoo Sui Hue, Tew Nai Tong from Malaysia.

The Gallery also offers other art related services, such as art investment, assisting art collectors in planning investment. With the advent of technology, the gallery is actively harnessing online technology to enhance communication amongst its clientele of designers, art collectors and art lovers.