China | 1941

Eng Siak Loy has had a long and successful artistic career beginning with his training at the Singapore Academy of Art in 1960, then as a designer at the National Parks Board. His sense of precision, attention to detail, has enabled him to craft many artworks ranging from small scale designs such as stamps and coins, to big scale murals and sculptures that are found in public spaces and parks. Eng has also received many awards for his design, locally and internationally. Eng Siak Loy chooses to use oil as the medium to execute his paintings, though he is adept in various mediums. Eng employs the interplay between the focus in the foreground and the movement in the background to depict the dynamism of the subject matter.


1960    Graduated from Singapore Art Academy

1961    Gold Medal Award, China Society Art Competition

1962    ESSO “This is Singapore” Art Competition: Oil Painting – Third Prize

1977    National Day Art Exhibition Special Award

1997    UNESCO NOMA illustration for children’s picture book – NOMA Illustrations Award

1978    UNESCO NOMA illustration for children’s picture book – NOMA Special Award

1999    Singapore Currency Note Design: Portrait Series

2002    HSBC Care-for-Nature Heritage Trees Most Beautiful Stamp (Asia)

            HSBC Care-for-Nature Heritage Trees 2 nd Most Beautiful Stamp (World)

2007    President’s Design Award Designer of the Year

2008    Tan Tsze Chor Art Award


Solo Exhibitions

2009    “A Garden Dialogue” Exhibition, Singapore

2006    “Flower Series” Exhibition, Singapore

Selected Group Exhibitions

2014    Nanyang Visionaries, Cape of Good Hope Art Gallery,  ION Orchard, Singapore    

2014    India Cultural Exchange, Exhibition of Art, India

2013    Grand Art Exhibition, Singapore

2013    Three Man Art Exhibition, “Reminiscence Scenes of the Past”, Singapore

2012    Living with Art, Cape of Good Hope Art Gallery, ION Orchard, Singapore 

2011    The First New Expression of World Art Biennial, China

2011    Two Man Art Exhibition, Singapore

2009    Singapore Art Show 09, by Federation of Art Societies, Singapore

            Landmarks – Taipei by the Society of Chinese Artist, Singapore    

            “A Garden Dialogue” Exhibition, Singapore

2008    Exhibition, MH Art Gallery, Taiwan International Design Casa, Torino, Italy

1991    2 nd Bru-Sin Art Exhibition, National Museum Art Gallery, Singapore

1988    1 st Bru-Sin Art Exhibition, National Museum Art Gallery, Negara Brunei Darussalam

1987    The international Teochew Artists’ Art Exhibition, Singapore 

1980    Fifth Festival of Asian Art, Hong Kong

1979    First Asian Graphic Design Biennial – Tehran, Iran

1978    Singapore Artists Group Exhibition, Moscow, Russia

1967    Six-Man Art Exhibition in Malaysia

1965    Six-Man Art Exhibition Victoria Memorial Hall, Singapore

1963    Six-Man Art Exhibition in Singapore

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