China | 1955

Hong Ling’s painting expressions were formed and developed among the woods and rocks that he is so attached to. When confronted with the mountains and rivers that Chinese poets and painters have admired for two thousand years, many highly skilled oil painters from the past could not find the way, even the passion of expression. Their skills could only apply to the scenes of the forests and open fields in the norther regions, such as Xinjiang and Heilongjiang. The reason is that the painting concepts and techniques of those artists came from the visual art systems of Europe (including Russia). It was impossible for such a system to include in its development the study on scenes of the middle and southern parts of China. In the art of contemporary landscape painting, Hong Ling is the first artist to develop a unique style through the mix and contrast of traditional ink landscapes and oil painting landscape paintings.


1979 graduated from Department of Fine Arts Capital Teachers University, Beijing.

1987 graduated from Oil Painting Department, Central Academy of fine Arts. Currently associate professor at the 3rd workshop of Oil Painting Department of Central Academy of Fine Arts.

Since 1980, has been participating in local and oversea art activities; works exhibited in many local and oversea art exhibitions, many of which collected by private collectors and art organizations.


Selected Exhibitions

2000   Works exhibited at the 20th Century Chinese Oil Paintings Exhibition in China

2000   Solo exhibition -“Conscious Landscapes” – Hong Ling’s Oil Painting (1990-2000),

         Paragon, Singapore

2003   Metaphor of Landscape – Solo Exhibition in Taipei

2004   Symphony of Seasons – Hong Ling’s Oil Paintings Exhibition in Singapore.

2007   Participated in International Art Fair ARTSINGAPORE 2007 – The Contemporary Asian Art Fair

2008   Solo exhibition – “Purity of Silence” – Ink Painting on Mountain and River by Hong Ling, at Cape of Good Hope              Art Gallery, MICA Building, Singapore, with the catalogue in the same title published.

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