Singapore | 1945

Low Puay Hua’s enduring art career spans an overwhelming 4 decades. It is distinguished by an elective range of interests in diverse directions: in landscape painting which fortifies his discipline, in streetscape painting which enhances his understanding of local ethos, in contemporary Chinese ink painting which in the revitalization of a centuries-old tradition, in abstract art for its potential in artistic innovation. He also loves to travel and has visited parts of South-East Asia, Far East and Europe. To him, travels offer precious opportunities to accumulate visual experiences and insights which strengthen his artistic endeavours: sketching and painting on location to sharpen direct responses to diverse atmospheric lights, the interaction with the fascinating, often exotic, cultural intricacies. 


1965    Graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts

1979    National Day Medal Award

1986    Silver Medal Salon Des Artistes Francais, Paris, France


Selected Solo Exhibitions

1997    The Art Gallery, Penang, Malaysia

1996    Galeria da Direccao dos servicos de Turismo de Macau, Macau

1987    Pastoral Chao Zhou, Teochew Poit Ip Huay Kuan, Singapore

1985    Bai Jia Art Gallery, Taiwan

1975    Sketches, Chinese Chamber of Commerce Collectors’ Gallery, Singapore

Selected Group Exhibitions

2014    Nanyang Visionaries, , Cape of Good Hope Art Gallery, ION Orchard, Singapore 

2013      Singapore Showcase, Cape of Good Hope Art Gallery, ION Orchard, Singapore
2008    Watercolour Painting Festival, Lushan, China

1997     Equator.Island Art Exhibition, Gallery Forty-Seven, London, UK

1992    7th Asian International Art Exhibition, Bundung, Indonesia

1992    Contemporary Singapore Art, Hong Kong

1988    Collection of Asia Water Colour Works, Osaka, Japan

1986    Artistes Contemporains de Singapur, Le Grand Palais, Paris, France

1975    Three-man Exhibition, Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Singapore

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