Swatou, China | 1942

Tan Choh Tee’s art philosophy is that his art must flow from his personal experience. His oil paintings are influenced by the Western arts in the comparative effects of colour blocking and its emphasis on the vitality of colours. Putting together the merits of Western and Oriental Arts, Tan mixes them in his own way to create his personal style of consistency in quality, singularity of purpose and freshness of impression. Through Tan’s expertise in depicting modern living within the old streets of Singapore, he has opened a new horizon for localised oil paintings.


1962    Graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts

1976    Became a full time artist

2006    Asia Visual Arts award, Korean National Cultural Research Organisation, Seoul, Korea

    Cultural Medallion, Singapore


Selected Solo Exhibitions

1999    Footprints, Orchard Point Exhibition Hall, Singapore

1984    One Man Art Exhibition, Avant Garde Art Centre, Taipei, Taiwan

1976    Recent Painting, Raya Gallery, Singapore

1972    Landscapes, Alpha Gallery, Singapore

Selected Group Exhibitions

2013    Nanyang Inspirations, Cape of Good Hope Art Gallery, ION Orchard, Singapore

2012    Living with Art, Cape of Good Hope Art Gallery, ION Orchard, Singapore

2007    The Shanghai Art Fair, Shanghai 

            “Imagining The City”, Singapore Art Museum, Singapore

1999    One Man Art Exhibition, Apollo Art Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan 

1979    “Art in Action”, The National Museum, Singapore

1978    Cologne Exhibition at Klockner – Humboldt, Deutz A.G. Museum, Germany

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