China | 1957

Using a sense of free composition and unusual visual angles, coupled with an emphasis on meticulous representation of light, Wang Mo Ping’s paintings bear strong Impressionistic techniques and characteristics. Wang’s works showcases his affection for Singapore’s landscape as he spends much of his time painting on site, from many hours in sunny West Coast Park to devoting much effort along the buzzing business district of Tanjong Pagar. Relying on movement as a crucial element in his artistic perception, he succeeds in translating what he sees into exceptional works imbued with artistic pose and honesty.

As an acclaimed artist, Wang participated in numerous exhibitions and received several accolades in the process for his works such as the National Youth Water Colour Art Exhibition Artistic Award (First Prize).  His winning artwork “Noon”, was collected by the China Artist Association. Various artworks have been collected by local and oversea‘s galleries and collectors.


1983   Graduated from the Department of Oil Painting, Hubei Academy of Fine Arts with      Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art.

1983   Hubei Provincial Cultural Bureau (1983 – 1995)

1995   Associate Professor at Hubei Academy of Fine Arts (1995 – 2003)

2001   Migrated to Singapore

2002   Lecturer at Nanyang Academy of Fine Art (2002 – 2006)


2015   “Nanyang Sensation” Solo Exhibition of Oil Painting, Cape of Good Hope Art Gallery, Singapore

2011   “Into the Realm of Artistic Serenity” Solo Watercolour Painting Exhibition, Datang Fine Arts, Singapore

2001   Solo Oil Painting Exhibition, Bobby Chng Art Gallery, Singapore


2017   Commemorating NS50 Through Art, Singapore Art Society, Singapore

2015   SG50 A Brush with Singapore Art Society Exhibition, Singapore

           “Papaya Garden” was selected for “Singapore Art Society Artists’ Directory   1949-2014”   Exhibition

1997   Participated in Hong Kong Retune Art Exhibition, Hong Kong

1996   Works collected by the Japan Buddhist Cultural Exchange Centre, Japan

1993   Awarded Merit Prizes, Hubei Art Exhibition, China

1992   Participated in the Guangzhou Biennale Art Exhibition, China

1990   Awarded The Second Prize of Collecting and Identification of Hubei Folk Arts and Craft, China

1984   Awarded bronze medal award at the 6th Hubei Province Art Exhibition, China

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