Zhu Hong 朱宏 

China | 1969

Zhu Hong immigrated to Singapore in 1997, where he practiced as an architect and interior designer before becoming a full-time artist. His knowledge and passion for architecture is evident in his watercolours of cosmopolitan life. Zhu Hong is captures the spirit of buildings, of the city and suburbs, with energetic calligraphic brushstrokes. He also utilizes dynamic lines and angles that playfully distorts architectural elements, which along with vibrant colours reflects the lively atmosphere of Singapore.  


            Bachelor of Architecture

1997    Immigrated to Singapore 

2006    General Secretary Chinese of Singapore Watercolor Society

Adjunct Lecturer of Ngee Ann Polytechnic


Selected Solo Exhibitions

2013   Portraits of Singapore, Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Centre  and Beijing Art Museum

2013    Beyond The Screen  

2012   Diary of Singapore    

2006   Passion under the Sun, Singapore


2013   Have Phone, Will Paint

2013   Portraits of Singapore

2012    Crossroads

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